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Gravity Life Space Racing


Upgrade your Racer Aircraft, burn up the exciting space tracks with high speed and most exhilarating racing actions. Ride your ship between narrow canyons to get a huge surge of speed and fly past other menacing opponents. It's time for the racers to discover what "X speed" really means!Gravity life space racing a fast, fun, and visually stunning racing experience. No matter what the situation is Racers provides a high speed and extremely thrilling racing experience. In this infinite racing game your mission is to defeat time and space to fight the singularity. An unbelievable adventure is waiting for you to explore more from the thrill of race and get to the highest level of action. Where your speed defines your position. It’s a game of speed and gravity that demands too much concentration of player because a second defines your defeat and victory. Play faster, go longer and increase your credit as well as move to the more challenging modes where speedy obstacles makes you more alert while racing.With just one tap control, tapping the screen to reverse gravity, guide your x-plane racer over buildings and avoid the buzz saw to complete the game as fast as possible. Any mistake will result in instant destruction of the plane and a respawn at the beginning of the game.This fast paced and frustratingly addictive adventure features endless challenging obstacles to cross and different world of space guarantees you many long hours of fun!Features✈Endless racing experience ✈Stunning and beautifully designed space crafts for better racing ✈Rush through full of space racing madness✈Mind-blowing graphics and intense Aircraft damage✈Amazing sound effects ✈Earn credit and unlock more planes
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